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Western Union Complaint - Western Union: Head of Nigerian Connections? - money transfer
Western Union Complaint

Western Union Complaint


Western Union: Head of Nigerian Connections? - money transfer

Western Union : Head of the Nigerian Connections Fraud (419scams)??

Here my answer to an E-Mail from Western Union advocates. I am myself victim of the Western Union fakes in a height of 19.000.00 USD (approximately)

ATTN: Mr. James Chua
Thank you for your E-Mail of today but the response attached means nothing to the complaint.The answer of the collegue is a general fake that does not touch the complaint in any way. According to the two complaints the reasons why the money was sent, is absolutely uninteresting as it is Western Union that is accused of Money Embezzlement having done payments of approximately 16.000.00 USD to forgery passports. These passports of the recipients already could have been seen by Western Union as forgery as, in 7 cases, the given adresses (streets: rue de la Santa Rita, 35 judicial drive) do not exist in Cotonou and with that the passports must have been forgery what could be realized very easy by Western Union. And Western Union is also responsable for their licenced shops, especially then when Western Union refuses worldwide the publication of the locations where the fraud have been done. This only can be seen as involvement of Western Union directly in to the frauds and Western Union, as the only big beneficiary in worldwide fraud, what is by law impossible without inclusion to the frauds, is involved in it deeply as Western Union still is refusing the publication of the locations where the fraud has been taken place and with that Western Union makes itself guilty by law hindering crime investigations by the crime authorities. So, with doing payments to forgery passports, Western Union has broken its own contracted transfer conditions that say very clearly that the transfer is based on two valid passports (sender-recipient) that was not given here as the recipient passport was forgery and with that is responsable for the regress payments also concerning their licenced shops. And I am waiting for this immediately inclusive transfer costs. Because of this and the apparently refusals I already involved the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, FBI and Interpol, the consumer organizations (all USA), the MET England today, the LKA Germany in this matter and it will become more day by day as long as Western Union will not compensate these transfers immediately to my indiscutable rights by law because of Money Embezzlement by Western Union and no one else.
Attached I now will sent you the third time the receipts that is proclaimed for and can be continued and where the complaints again are demonstrated:
1st: there are receipts (7) with the name “Rue de la Santa Rita” according to the informations of German and Benin Embassy, this street does not exist and so the passport must have been forgery.
2nd: to the case “Joy Maris” is given a street “35 judicial drive” that does not exist and so all “Joy Maris” passports had been forgery, “Joy Maris” him/herself does not exist in the ECOWAS

(Immigration Office of ECOWAS).
If I do not get now the immediate information from Western Union about the location where the fraud had been realized to start immediately crime investigations Western Union also will be accused of hiding the criminals or are they “self employed stuff” from Western Union that I call “Nigerian Connections”?? Is the place of fraud worlwide hidden by Western Union because this place is the place where the Central Computer System of the Nigerian Connections work and with that cannot be found by the crime authorities ? Or do you give your “self employed stuff” a fraudster name too that only can be cleared with a computer system tool to bring the two names (fraudster and legal name) together and the “Holy Western Union” only publishes the fraudster names to the authorities and consumer organisations, very well knowing that they can do nothing with these names ??? Questions that must come up seeing the refusals of Western Union`s working up of money fraud complaints. So, is the Central Computer of the Nigerian Connections in the USA ??? Are the Nigerian Connections a snowball system of Western Union and as already seen of MoneyGram too?? The only case when a passport is not necessary for a money recipient to withdraw money transfers, and with that Western Union does not need to realize a passport forgery is: when a money transfer is done the “self employed stuff” goes to a Western Union Office to withdraw the transfer with fraudsters name and signs the withdraw but gets only paid the legal commisssion to his legal name from Western Union, the rest of the transfer goes to the treasury of Western Union as Western Union does not need to realize the compensation to its client according to the transfer conditions “after witdraw of the money the money is lost, also in cases if the identification card of the recipient is a fake. Illegal to the utmost !!!! And already in principal: According to law there cannot be a beneficiary of fraud; but Western Union is with millions of dollars every day !!! In approximately 80% of worldwide fraud Western Union is involved with transfers, or let us say: no transfer, 80% less fraud worldwide !!! And that Western Union is used is the only fault of Western Union doing payments even to forgery passports. I will tell Western Union one thing: Western Union is standing under the big suspect having cashed from my 19.000.00 USD approximately 17.000.00 USD for its own stock and 2.000.00 USD as commission payments for the fraudster.
It is a horror to see that the Western Union social engagements (Clinton foundation and so on), that they are “proud” to publish on their Site, last but not least, could be “washed and cleaned money”, “lifted wealth” through Western Union in the underdeveloped countries is based on fraudster activities offered by Western Union. Is every one already wondering that Western Union could survive the billion of dollars drugs money transfers that brought up the impression that Western Union itself is a “high case sensitive” for American agents for example one could imagine, the more one must be wondering that apparently Western Union can build up high personal criminal structures calling them “free employed stuff” for Western Union where as I call them Nigerian Connections. Poor America but, please, hinder that these crimes are exported more and more worldwide !!! At least it should be interesting for US Governments how this crime already is back to your own population. Call in Internet “Western Union Complaints” and you will see !!! In 80% of worldwide fraud Western Union is involved in any way what means: Stop the Western Union Money Transfers by law and you stop immediately 80% of worldwide fraud in reference to 419 scams and Nigerian Connections. And, of course, only this fraud is touched here. And one must be wondering that IC3 (Internet FBI) and Interpol is informed about that but besides a file number from IC3 for that case, nothing happened.
Awaiting your swift reply and the immediate compensation of the money transfers to Benin
Gerhard Kommnick
A copy of this will go in the next days to the responsable crime departments as addition. As I saw that you have partly found my transfers the third time transfer of the receipts as documentation, as they always had been content to my complaints to your company will follow on your request again and your excuses that you could not read them by advocates had been fake too.

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